The Phantom Queen Awakes: Line-up

(TOC to be announced soon)
It was just too cool not to be announced!

Katharine Kerr: The Lass from Far Away
Elaine Cunningham: She Who Is Becoming
Anya Bast: The Kiss of the Morrigan
C. E. Murphy: Cairn Dancer
Michael Bailey: The Dying Gaul
Peter Bell: The Trinket
Linda Donahue: Silver Branch
Lynne Lumsden Green: I Guard your Death
L. J. Hayward: The Plain of Pillars
Jennifer Lawrence: Washerwoman
James Lecky: The Children of Badb Catha
T. A. Moore: White Heifer
Mari Ness: Ravens
Sharon Kae Reamer: The Raven’s Curse
Ruth Shelton: Rising Tide
Martyn Taylor: The Good and Faithful Servant
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt: Gifts of the Morrigan

Edited by Mark S. Deniz and Amanda Pillar
Will be released 31st October 2009.

More news to follow…