Morrigan Books seeks novels for its new eBook range

[Please note, we are temporarily closed for queries]

Due to a growing interest in various eBook forms, most noticeably the Kindle format, Morrigan Books is interested in adding to its award winning print range by publishing eBooks under the Morrigan Books imprint.

Our vision is to produce high quality eBooks, with the option to turn selected releases into print versions, subject to sales, discussions and contract amendments.

Areas that Morrigan Books are very keen to see submissions from would be Horror, Dark Fantasy, Crime, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy and Young Adult.

Areas not likely to generate interest are: Paranormal Romance (although Paranormal itself will be considered), Dark Comedy and Erotica.

If you think you have a book that is well-suited to our catalogue (please visit our homepage for further details) please send a mail to our query department


with a full plot synopsis, first three chapters and cover letter, explaining who you are and your writing to date.

We are interested in submissions from both unpublished and published authors.


Please address your novel queries to: query[at]morriganbooks[dot]com


Please address your poetry queries to: poetry[dot]query[at]morriganbooks[dot]com


Please address your artwork queries to: art[dot]query[at]morriganbooks[dot]com

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines Congratulations! You have queried Morrígan Books and have received a ‘yes’. Please read the submission guidelines below: – Please write the title, your name, your address, email, contact numbers and the word count at the top of the manuscript. – Please include the page number in either the footer or header. – Manuscripts …