Scenes from the Second Storey available at Amazon

Scenes from the Second Storey, containing Ditmar joint short story winner, She Said by Kirstyn McDermott is now available worldwide at Amazon, with other bookstores (Barnes & Noble, The Book Depository, etc.) to follow.

While the stories in this anthology have a variety of themes, they do share vivid imagery, a talent for language and a host of different imaginations. Readers who enjoy speculative fiction — and short stories in particular — will revel in this collection that gives glimpses into the human psyche in all its variety It’s an enjoyable read, and the curious will no doubt search for more stories by their favourites among these talented authors so as to continue their reading pleasure.

The Specusphere: 25th September 2010

So grab your copy today and immerse yourselves in some of the best Australian fiction has to offer today.

If you enjoy the book, we strongly recommend that you listen to the album that started it all: Scenes from the Second Storey from the God Machine