Morrigan Books temporarily closes for queries 28th February 2011

Due to the queries received at the company to date, Morrigan Books has decided to temporarily close its doors to new submission queries, as of 28th February 2011.

Please be assured that any queries received before the above date will be looked at by our queries team and you should expect a response within a month of submission.

Morrigan Books announces two new editors

Morrigan Books can today announce two more editors who have been taken on by the company in readiness for its new e-book series. Due to the response and overall quality of the novel queries we have received already, we felt that increasing our dedicated team of editors was essential.

We are very pleased to welcome Kari Wolfe and Glen Krisch to Morrigan Books:

All our editors can be found at the Morrigan Books site.

Morrigan Books signs Martyn Taylor’s Whitechapel for its e-book series

Morrigan Books has today signed a contract with author Martyn Taylor with regards to publishing his novel Whitechapel, as part of its new e-book series. Martyn has already been published by Morrigan Books in the anthology The Phantom Queen Awakes, with his short story The Good and Faithful Servant, and is also due to be published with Gilgamesh Press and their début anthology In the Footsteps of Gilgamesh with The No Man.

Morrigan Books is extremely excited about Whitechapel and believe it is a book that will whet the appetite of anyone who appreciates clever and imaginative fiction.

During the Indian summer of 1888 London is the capital of an empire that colours half the map of the earth red. Yet even the rulers of such an empire are taken aback when envoys arrive from a very distant location, wishing to come under the protective wing of the Great Queen. While the government entertains the visitors (the ‘Men from Mars’) they also have them kept under close observation by their chief secret policeman, Inspector Fred Abberline. These mysterious visitors also attract the attentions of a penniless radical teacher and journalist, George Wells, and his equally eccentric lady friend, Miss Cara Benn. As the negotiations proceed in Whitehall, in Whitechapel Abberline and Wells become involved in ghastly slaughters that will leave the inspector’s place secure in history, as well as opening up the future to Wells.

Whitechapel will be edited by one of Morrigan Books‘ newest editors, Amanda Rutter.

Morrigan Books announces new editors

Morrigan Books can today reveal the names of several editors who have been taken on by the company in readiness for its new e-book series. Some are established, whereas others are new to the field, further strengthening the vision of Morrigan Books that it wishes to promote new talent at the company, as well as maintaining its level of excellence in the field of dark fiction.

We are very pleased to welcome the following to Morrigan Books:

RJ Barker

Karen Newman

Richard Palmer

Amanda Rutter

KV Taylor

All our editors can be found at the Editors page.

Morrigan Books seeks editors


Due to a growing expansion project at the company, Morrigan Books requires editors to assist with the workload envisaged in the near future.

The contract will be on a book to book basis with payment being in the form of royalties received in regards to the title edited.

While we want to encourage new editors to contact us, we would also very much like to hear from you if you have extensive editing experience, as we are keen to maintain the high standards set by Morrigan Books since its introduction into the independent press scene in 2008.

If you think you have what it takes, can work quickly and efficiently and to a high standard, please contact us at:

for more information.

Morrigan Books seeks novels for its new eBook range

Due to a growing interest in various eBook forms, most noticeably the Kindle format, Morrigan Books is interested in adding to its award winning print range by publishing eBooks under the Morrigan Books imprint.

Our vision is to produce high quality eBooks, with the option to turn selected releases into print versions, subject to sales, discussions and contract amendments.

Areas that Morrigan Books are very keen to see submissions from would be Horror, Dark Fantasy, Crime, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy and Young Adult.

Areas not likely to generate interest are: Paranormal Romance (although Paranormal fiction will be considered), Dark Comedy and Erotica.

If you think you have a book that is well-suited to our catalogue (visit our homepage for further details) please send a mail to:

with a synopsis and cover letter, explaining who you are and your writing to date.

We are interested in submissions from both unpublished and published authors.

The Iron Khan (A Detective Inspector Chen novel) now available as an E-book!

And the next instalment of the Detective Inspector Chen series by Liz Williams is now available as an E-book on Smashwords. Amazon Kindle format and good old-fashioned paper copies coming soon but if you just can’t wait…I mean, who can wait?


The Iron Khan

Grants Pass – only $10 today! (US only)

Yes, that’s right, award winning Grants Pass is on sale today only with a 50% discount, dropping from $20 to $10 (for US purchasers only)!

Grants Pass

“Each story from Grants Pass draws from the same well of emotions and horror as Stephen King’s THE STAND and Robert McCammon’s SWAN SONG. It’ll take you to the darker sides of humanity and yet, at the end of the road, Grants Pass will show you the hope and possibilities of the human spirit.”

— Jason Sizemore, Stoker-nominated editor-in-chief of Apex Book Company and author of Irredeemable.

“This is a unique anthology that deserves attention. You’ll hear echoes of Stephen King’s The Stand, David Brin’s The Postman and even Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as you read this series of stories about the survivors of a great plague. The stories are varied and lively, and their talented authors lead you (sometimes kicking and screaming) toward sanctuary. If you’re reading these words now, dive into these pages, and meet the survivors at Grants Pass.”

— Patrick Swenson, editor of Talebones Magazine.

“Grants Pass is a remarkable, disturbing, and worthwhile read, and one that is likely to stay with the reader for some time to come. I’m predicting that this anthology will be up for a swag of awards come the next round of Aurealis, Ditmar and Australian Shadows nominations.”

— Chuck McKenzie, HorrorScope

‘Requiems for the Departed’ has its one day sale!

That’s right, the Irish crime anthology, chock full of top names in the crime field: Ken Bruen, Maxim Jakubowski, Stuart Neville, Brian McGilloway, Adrian McKinty, Sam Milllar, John McAllistar and many others… is on sale to you today, on not one but two formats:

The UK hardback edition price has been dropped from £12.99 (+ shipping) to only £7.99 (+ shipping). (To overseas buyers: if you contact me today, I will offer the book at a similar discount to your country – e-mail me a request and we can discuss.)

But not only that, the e-book edition (for all formats) is now $3.99 (USD) over at Smashswords! (Please make sure to use the coupon code: FA25T when ordering to get your $2 discount)

Remember, today only!

‘Dead Souls’ starts the sale running!

And it’s Dead Souls that starts the sale, with a reduction from $20 to $12.99 (+ shipping) on the US version and down from £15 to £7.99 (+ shipping) in the UK.

Dead Souls sale on Morrigan Books

Some reasons why you should seriously be thinking about adding the anthology to your collection:

I’m giving this an almost unheard of five star rating for an antho (I’ve only done it one other time) because of the sheer number of stories in it that left a lasting impression on my mind. I thought of several of these tales for days after reading them.

KV Taylor (Goodreads)

[B+] Diverse, well arranged and edited. You can’t make a wrong decision with this anthology.

Temple Library Reviews

Mark S. Deniz gathers 25 stories that will not try to shock the reader through violent acts, but through a series of events that can change the human soul forever…I enjoyed “Dead Souls” in the fullest and I believe that it shows within its pages the true potential of psychological terror.

Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews

It’s only on offer at these prices today, so don’t regret it, buy it now!