Q. I am very interested in reviewing Morrigan Books titles, how do I go about getting one?

A. Please send a mail to our Reviews address (reviews[at]morriganbooks[dot]com), stating the title[s] you are interested in and where your review would be published (attaching links for ease of viewing).

Q. I’m not close to finishing but I have this great novel idea, would you read what I’ve got so far?

A. In a word: No.

Finish your novel first. We recommend that you then workshop it through one of the many excellent critiquing groups, such as OWW, or Critters before sending your work out.

Q. Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts?

A. No. Please send an email query to our Query address (query[at]morriganbooks[dot]com) with the word ‘query’, and your novel’s title in the subject line, giving us any relevant biographical information, and a synopsis of no more than two pages in length, in the body of the email. Please do not send attachments, they will not be read.

Q. Do you charge a reading fee?

A. No, but please remember to send us an email query first and await our response.

Q. I queried Morrigan Books and you said you would be interested in viewing my manuscript. Do you want it formatted in a specific way?

A. Yes. Please visit our submission guidelines page.

Q. I sent this story to you last year. I have since re-written it along the lines you suggested. Are you interested in seeing it again?

A. No. If we thought your story was right for Morrígan Books, but needed more work, we‘d have requested you send it back to us for consideration after you’d re-written.