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The Phantom Queen Awakes

Love, death and war…

The Morrigan goddess represented all three to the ancient Celts. Journey with our authors as they tell stories of love, war, hatred, revenge and mortality – each featuring the Morrigan in her many guises.

Re-visit the world of Deverry, and of Nevyn, with a previously unpublished tale by Katharine Kerr, watch the Norse gods meet their Celtic counterparts with Elaine Cunningham, meet a druid who dances for the dead with C.E. Murphy and follow the path of a Roman centurion with Anya Bast.

These are but a few offerings from the stories collection in The Phantom Queen Awakes. If you are searching for a rich blend of dark fantasy, then this is a collection perfect for you.

The Phantom Queen Awakes stories:

Rising Tide: Ruth Shelton

Kiss of the Morrigan: Anya Bast

I Guard Your Death: Lynne Lumsden Green

Gifts of the Morrigan: Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Cairn Dancer: C. E. Murphy

Washerwoman: Jennifer Lawrence

The Raven’s Curse: Sharon Kae Reamer

Ravens: Mari Ness

The Lass from Far Away: Katharine Kerr

The Trinket: Peter Bell

The Dying Gaul: Michael Bailey

The Children of Badb Catha: James Lecky

The Plain of Pillars: L. J. Hayward

The Silver Branch: Linda Donahue

The Good and Faithful Servant: Martyn Taylor

The White Heifer of Fearchair: T. A. Moore

She Who is Becoming: Elaine Cunningham

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