Feb 25

Two anniversaries in one day!

Today is a day of two anniversaries, both of which have emotional significance for me for very different reasons.

Five years ago today, I started my very own publishing company, Morrigan Books, focusing on dark fiction, an area which seems to be misrepresented all too often in the literary world.

The aim was to publish work of dark fiction, from a variety of different authors, both those we admired and those new to the fiction scene – promoting both the best and the upcoming talent within the speculative (oh how I hate that word) fiction scene.

There have been many high points in the five years of Morrigan Books (and I hope many more to come). Here’s just a few:

  • Getting Katherine Kerr to not only submit for The Phantom Queen Awakes, anthology but receiving an original Deverry tale for inclusion.
  • Managing to snag Gary McMahon early on with his wonderful collection, How to Make Monsters, still one of my favourite books of ours.
  • Getting together so many talented authors in the Irish Crime fiction field together for Requiems for the Departed.
  • For getting the chance to work extensively with Amanda Pillar and K.V. Taylor, two excellent and thorough editors.
  • Having the luck in getting newcomer Reece Notley to design many of our covers.
  • For Carole Lanham’s The Whisper Jar – not only an excellent book but an author so aware of the work needed by an indie press author in terms of promoting their own work and working together towards a successful publication.
  • Being lucky enough to work so closely with Robert Hood, an immense and underrated talent and a truly genuine guy to boot.

There are many more but I’ll leave you with those for now…

To celebrate our five years in the industry, I will be announcing offers throughout the year – the first coming up later this week. Stay tuned for that!

The other anniversary is that it is thirty years to the day that my grandmother died. I will discuss this more on my personal blog, but felt that it held significance here as not only is it the same date as the birth of Morrigan Books, but my grandmother is probably my single biggest influence when it comes to my love of literature. My mother can claim my love of music and film but it was my grandmother who pushed me to read and to digest and to reflect and to think and to form my own opinions.

I think she might well have been happy to see that I have kept that love alive through Morrigan Books.

Here’s to another five years and to working with many of you again or for the first time!

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