The Whisper Jar released today!

It’s Halloween, which can only mean one thing – yes, the release of The Whisper Jar from Carole Lanham.

If you’ve ordered your pre-release copy, it has already been delivered. For those who missed that (a hex on you), the e-book is available for a very modest $3.95 (USD) from our online store.


With cover artwork that is gorgeous, writing that is addictive and editing that is impeccable, The Whisper Jar is sure to be a hit. In my opinion, it can easily compete with other collections of shorts such as Nightmares & Dreamscapes or Nightshift from Stephen King. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a little darkness to go along with their fairy tales.

CK Webb


Have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy your reading of The Whisper Jar!

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