The Whisper Jar – Now available for pre-order!

by Carole Lanhamwhisperjar.jpg

31st OCTOBER 2011

Pre-order now and receive your electronic copy 30th October, as well as getting your early buyer discount!

“I do not know what you have done, but put your mouth right here. Confess your crime to this fruit jar as though it were God’s ear.” ~ from The Whisper Jar

Some secrets are kept in jars — others, in books.

Some are left forgotten in musty rooms — others, created in old barns.

Some are brought about by destiny — others, born in blood.

Secrets — they are the hidden heart of this collection. In these pages, you will encounter a Blood Digger who bonds two children irrevocably together; a young woman who learns of her destiny through the random selection of a Bible verse; and a boy whose life begins to reflect the stories he reads…

“Every now and then, a collection of short stories comes along that not only brings creepiness to new levels, but reaches in a little deeper and leaves something behind. The stories in The Whisper Jar are like that…they stick with you like soft voices in the memory. A great book for a dark and stormy night…”

David Niall Wilson Award-winning author of Deep Blue, This is My Blood, and CEO of Crossroad Press

“Few writers can make love seem so horrible, or horror seem so lovely. The weird scenes Lanham paints for us are poignant and final, with hope strangled – but always in some strangely uplifting way. Perhaps gruesome and memorable are the best words to describe her work.”

Dr. Kim Paffenroth, author of Dying to Live and Gospel of the Living Dead

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