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Feb 25

Happy Birthday Morrigan Books!

Three years on. It’s flown by. It doesn’t feel like it was three years ago that I made the decision to brave the independent scene, with a new dark fiction publishing company. I can’t really say I did it alone, however, as Amanda Pillar agreed to come in as in-house editor straight away, and offered …

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Apr 14

Voices Review

A review is now up on HorrorScope. “Voices, edited by Mark S. Deniz and Amanda Pillar, consists of a series of stories, with the only connecting thread between them the setting: a hotel room. This shared setting works well, giving the reader the sense that they are wandering through an old, shadowed hotel, getting glimpses …

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Feb 03

Voices review


“Voices” is a nice collection of horror stories that deals more with the supernatural and paranormal aspects of the genre and less or almost not at all with the gory and macabre part. Also the anthology edited by Mark S. Deniz and Amanda Pillar presents new or established authors of the genre and I personally …

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