Scenes from the Second Storey: International – Cover, TOC and release date announced!


It is with great pleasure that we announce the line up of Scenes from the Second Storey: International, available on e-book from Morrigan Books 11th November, 2011.


Thirteen tales of murder, revenge, betrayal, obsession and desire – your usual fare? Well not when adding the fact that all these stories were inspired by The God Machine’s album of the same name, a concept queried by some before reading the first of these two themed anthologies:


When I first became aware of the Scenes from the Second Storey anthology (from Morrigan Books), I was sceptical. I believed it would be simply another of those themed anthologies that was so bizarre and narrow in its vision that it possessed little value except as a novelty. How could it be anything else?


…Publisher Mark S. Deniz should be congratulated for bringing an obscure band back into the light. Since reading the anthology and listening to the songs, I’ve become fond of The God Machine’s music, which is a cross pollination I’m sure Deniz was hoping to achieve.


Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Horrorscope review


Now comes the second instalment, following on from the Australian authors penning their wonderful versions of The God Machine’s classic tracks to a mix of international authors, commissioned by Morrigan Books to give their take on the songs. How similar are the two written versions to the album’s tracks? Do they capture the essence? You, the reader, can decide for yourselves this November when the international version of Scenes from the Second Storey is released.


Pre-order details and news on the print version coming very soon!


Scenes from the Second Storey: International


Dream Machine – Miles Deacon
She Said – KV Taylor
The Blind Man – Carole Johnstone
I’ve Seen the Man – Gary McMahon
The Desert Song – Adrienne Jones
Home – Shannon Page
It’s All Over – Paul Kane
Temptation – Pete Kempshall
Out – Mike Stone
Ego – Gerard Brennan
Seven – Joseph D’Lacey
Purity – T. A. Moore
The Piano Song – Ian Whates

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