Voices cover artwork announced!


This cover was designed for us by the wonderful Reece Notley, and we are very proud of it. We think it’s a stunning image and complements the work within beautifully!

Almost all the stories have been edited now and three of them are ready for publication – we will easily be ready for our September release deadline with Voices!

Voices – The Villains Revealed!

We now have the preliminary line up for Voices. The sections and story order may change in the editing phase but this is how it looks for now:

Prologue – Robert Hood

Section One – Illusions

Sanctuary – Carole Johnstone

The Mirror – KV Taylor

His Only Company, The Walls – Brad C. Hodson

Segue – Robert Hood

Section Two – By the Hand

Paris – Todd Edwards

Just Us – Pete Kempshall

A Picture of Death – Shane Jiraiya Cummings

Segue – Robert Hood

Section Three – Possessions

Constance Craving – Gary McMahon

Bedbugs – Martin Livings

Faking It – Siobhan Byford

Segue – Robert Hood

Section Four – Epiphanies

The Suicide Room – Paul Kane

Sentinel – Sonia Marcon

The Man Who Wasn’t There – Rodney J. Smith

Epilogue – Robert Hood

Pretty impressive eh? We are very pleased to announce first time publications for KV Taylor and Todd Edwards, proving again we are determined to promote new talent within the field of dark fiction.

Thanks goes to Robert Hood for agreeing to be part of this and we are very excited to see how he ties the whole book together, being as he is a master of the short form.

Voices line up is decided!

We have no line-up just yet as we need to make sure the authors are okay with being in the book but we have at least made our choices.

Submissions received: 105 (pretty darn impressive for such a tightly-themed book)

Stories through to second phase: 26 (there were some rejected that nearly went here too)

Final number selected: 12 (plus our commissioned author, writing our flash pieces, who will be named shortly)

A tough selection and the 12 we want were stories that just lived up to the anthology’s aims and goals and then took them on a whole new level. As I said in an earlier post, I have been very pleased with this book so far and am very much looking forward to seeing it in print.

All authors should have heard from us now and so if you haven’t then please contact either myself or Amanda Pillar, as something has gone awry.

Thank you to all who submitted and thanks to those accepted for stepping above and beyond the submission guidelines!

Morrigan Books has a new logo!

morrigan logo_gaelic_nomoon

It’s bloody fabulous isn’t it?

Voices: Stage Two

I have just completed my reading and assessment of the 26 stories that were chosen by Amanda Pillar and myself to go through to the second stage of reading for possible conclusion in the Voices anthology, and I can safely say I am drained.

I could easily publish all 26 stories and to know that we have to reject some irritates me a bit.

Why not publish them all then you might ask, and it’s actually a reasonable question but a question that does have an answer.

The stories that will be chosen are stories that encapsulate mine and Amanda’s early ideas of the anthology and which also allow us to set the contents in a particular way to make sure that the anthology lives up to our high expectations.

There has been a lot of interest in this anthology, from writers and readers alike and many people have e-mailed me to tell me what a great idea it was in the first place.

And the idea comes from Ross Temple, from a chat in the bar at Conflux 4 in Canberra, from a story idea in a hotel room I had, which then moved to many stories in a hotel from other writers and then to co-editing with Amanda, who has put so much work into this (and Morrigan Books), with a passion and a drive that puts me to shame.

This has been, without doubt, the most rewarding project I have worked on so far as an editor and if Amanda is willing I would be very honoured to work with her again on another anthology.

Hopefully we should be able to announce the final choices soon.

Scenes from the Second Storey = Two Line-ups!

A project I have had in mind for a few years was to write a collection of short stories that would pay homage to one of the greatest albums of all time Scenes from the Second Storey by The God Machine.

The idea was that I would write 13 short stories to correspond with the 13 tracks on the album, each story inspired by the track of the same name.

This year that dream changed, as I realised what would be really interesting was to see what the stories would look like if others wrote their inspiration instead – namely writers that I respected.

And so the Scenes from the Second Storey project was born. I sat down and began jotting down names only to quickly realise I had too many for the book. As I realised that more than half of the list contained Australian writers, I decided to have two books: one Australian and one ‘international’ basically writers who are not Australian).

I sent out my e-mails and got 25 acceptances and one rejection. I then sent another mail, was accepted for that and so begins this roller coaster of a project!

Morrigan Books will release both these books 13th November 2010 (my 40th birthday) but of course there will be much more news before that!

Here’s the line-up:

Title Australian Author International Author
Dream Machine David Conyers Miles Deacon
She Said Kirstyn McDermott KV Taylor
The Blind Man David Witteveen Carole Jonhstone
I’ve Seen The Man Paul Haines Gary McMahon
The Desert Song Andrew McKiernan Adrienne Jones
Home Martin Livings Shannon Page
It’s All Over L. J. Hayward Paul Kane
Temptation Trent Jamieson Pete Kempshall
Ego Robert Hood Gerard Brennan
Seven Stephanie Campisi
Purity Kaaron Warren Tammy Moore
The Piano Song Cat Sparks Ian Whates

How to Make Monsters by Gary McMahon: Cover art


And here we have the official front cover for Gary McMahon‘s new collection, How to Make Monsters, which will be released at FantasyCon in Nottingham, England, this September.

Great artwork for a truly great collection!

Morrigan Books adds to its ambitious publishing schedule

Morrigan Books has today come to an agreement with Gary McMahon, to publish a collection of his short fiction (including both reprints and original stories), entitled How to Make Monsters.

Preliminary thoughts are for a late 2008/early 2009 release but there will be more news to follow.

Suffice to say that I, in particular, am very excited and proud to have McMahon (recently named in both Datlow’s and Jones’ best ofs) on board and this is yet more proof that Morrigan Books has a commitment to publishing high quality dark fiction.

Just over a month left for Voices

A friendly reminder that Voices has just over one month to go before closing submissions.

Looking forward to putting this together!

After some glitches last night…

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