Ishtar launch!

For those who are unaware, Morrigan Books‘ little brother, Gilgamesh Press, launched its first book at Continuum in Melbourne, Australia, last weekend.

Photo by Tom Bicknell

The launch was well attended, the book was a sell-out and the full picture slideshow can be found here:

Continuum 2012

Special thanks go to Kaaron Warren, Deborah Biancotti and Cat Sparks for their wonderful stories and of course to Amanda Pillar and KV Taylor for editing the book.

You can buy the book from Amazon

All hail Ishtar, goddess of love and war!

Gilgamesh Press’ ‘Ishtar’ – Australian Launch!

While Ishtar is not a Morrigan Books’ book, it was published by our imprint, Gilgamesh Press.

This novella collection features 3 stories by some of Australia’s most talented writers: Cat Sparks, Kaaron Warren and Deborah Biancotti. It has been nominated for the Aurealis Awards and the Ditmar Awards for 2011, and has received high praise in the Australian industry.

If you’re a fan of dark fiction, then you’ll love this collection – and if you live in Australia, you can attend the Australian print launch at Continuum 8!

The full details and press release are here.

SLICE OF LIFE proceeds to go to The Gawler Foundation

Morrigan Books has made the decision to donate all of the proceeds from Slice of Life to The Gawler Foundation. Morrigan Books has chosen this charity due to its being named as the charity of choice in lieu of flowers at Paul Haines’ memorial later today/tomorrow in Melbourne. 

Details of the memorial can be found on Paul’s Live Journal

Make sure to also check out Alan Baxter’s summary of Paul’s career. 

We would like to take this opportunity to offer our deepest condolences to Paul’s family, it was both a pleasure to work with him professionally and to have known him personally.

We’re four years old!

And still going strong!

Instead of the long, heartfelt post this year I am going to simply thank all those that have helped make Morrigan Books a specialist in dark fiction these last four years and offer all a 50% discount on four of our e-book titles at Smashwords for the next four days. The titles on offer are:

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So just visit the Smashwords site and grab yourself a cracking read for half the price!

Slice of Life is out!

And if you haven’t read Paul Haines before, then it’s about time you did! 
Details here: Slice of Life

Slice of Life – now available for pre-order!

Where to Buy

Paperback: [coming 30th November, 2011]



E-book: $5.95 (USD) Formats: mobi (Kindle), Epub, LRF, PDB

E-book: £3.80 (GBP) Formats: mobi (Kindle), Epub, LRF, PDB

E-book: $5.95 (AUD) Formats: mobi (Kindle), Epub, LRF, PDB

Morrigan Books is very proud to republish Paul Haines’ collection Slice of Life, as part of its new e-book series. Paul has already been published by Morrigan Books in the anthology Scenes from the Second Storey, with his short story I’ve Seen the Man, and has garnered success with his writing, several of his short stories winning awards throughout the genre community.

Morrigan Books is extremely excited about being able to offer the Ditmar 2010 and Chronos 2010 winner, Slice of Life to a wider audience and believe it is a book that shows the determination of Morrigan Books to showcase the best of genre fiction today.

Haines’ Slice of Life – seventeen glistening stories, sweating with twenty first century paranoia and anxiety from the decaying mind of the winner of the 2005 Ditmar for New Talent.

Exuberant, profane, and totally whacked out

– Ellen Datlow

It’s a great, nasty read. Recommended

– Jenny Blackford, World Fantasy Award judge

A collection that’s like nothing else out there, brimming with incident and irreverence, both as regards the idea of author as creator and the tropes of genre, absurd and yet deadly serious in some of the things it has to say. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re of an iconoclastic bent the Paul Haines experience might be just what you’re looking for.

– Pete Tennant, Black Static #15

The Whisper Jar released today!

It’s Halloween, which can only mean one thing – yes, the release of The Whisper Jar from Carole Lanham.

If you’ve ordered your pre-release copy, it has already been delivered. For those who missed that (a hex on you), the e-book is available for a very modest $3.95 (USD) from our online store.


With cover artwork that is gorgeous, writing that is addictive and editing that is impeccable, The Whisper Jar is sure to be a hit. In my opinion, it can easily compete with other collections of shorts such as Nightmares & Dreamscapes or Nightshift from Stephen King. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a little darkness to go along with their fairy tales.

CK Webb


Have a wonderful Halloween and enjoy your reading of The Whisper Jar!

Morrigan Books is proud to announce the imminent release of ‘Slice of Life’, by Paul Haines for international distribution.

30th November 2011 sees Paul Haines’ award-winning collection of seventeen short stories, Slice of Life move into the international genre scene when it is published in both print and electronic editions on the Morrigan Books’ imprint.

Pre-orders and more information will follow soon but take a moment to read some of the reviews below and see why Morrigan Books was keen to re-release this excellent collection.


Exuberant, profane, and totally whacked out – Ellen Datlow

The anxiety in these stories is palpable. Love the paranoia! Love the self loathing. Love the psychosis – Aurealis

It’s a great, nasty read. Recommended – Jenny Blackford, World Fantasy Award judge

Haines’ work is not for the faint hearted. Aficionados of all things quirky, intelligent, and dark will devour Slice of Life. It is horror, it is action, it is social commentary, it is savage fantasy and unrelenting realism, is it a psychological journey into a warped and familiar place. It is, truly, a slice of life. (full review here) – The Specusphere #11

Twisted and wildly entertaining – Beat Magazine

travel the dark back roads of horror. We’re not talking mainstream horror here, we’re talking confrontational in your face stories from the perspective of every day people. If you don’t trust that weird old dude over your back fence then Paul Haines’ collection could just give you the reason why … Paul Haines has compiled a collection that is a highlight on the 2009 short story calendar. It’s not for the faint of heart, there’s some deeply disturbing visions going down, but is well worth reading if you appreciated decent horror of the short story form. (full review here) – Scary Minds

Slice of Life is not for those who like pretty stories of love and derring-do. Look elsewhere for that. What it does contain is original storytelling with a strong and compelling voice that you sometimes may not want to listen to and yet you’re powerless to resist. You have been warned. (full review here – scroll down for Slice Of Life) – Aurealis

Slice of Life is brilliantly nasty and engrossing. Haines may very well be the best writer of dark fiction in Australia today, and genre readers cannot afford not to pick up a copy of this collection. (full review here) – HorrorScope

I…picked up Slice of Life and felt like I’d been thrown into a cold river. I came up, wide awake, eyes open, thinking, I’m alive. The stories were tight, carefully crafted, original (and also reminiscent of someone like Ellison), daring and funny. I laughed out loud three times in the first two stories. Do you know how rare it is for me to laugh out loud? I have some criticisms, but don’t we always have them? Let’s not dwell on them. But one of the things I thought was – these stories should be better known, fuck it. I mean, I work at one of the top literary journals in OZ, and it’s rare we’d ever get anything as good as “The Devil in Mr Pussy.” – Rjurik Davidson, associate editor of Overland magazine.

Bleak, blackly humorous and brutally self-deprecating, this is uncomfortable yet fascinating and engaging fiction from an author whose no-holds-barred, no-prisoners-taken approach to writing is on glorious display in this collection. Juxtaposing life with air travel, psychosis and Machiavellian talking cats, this is Australian masculinity and sexuality as fiction at its most dark and disturbing. Not for the faint of heart, read a “slice” at a time. – 2009 Aurealis Awards Judges Report

This is a remarkable book by a writer whose deceptively clean and easy style masks real depth, and the kind of truthfulness that makes his version of horror visceral, nasty, and yet as fearsomely compelling as the sight of a shrouded corpse beside a wrecked car on the verge of the road. This is really strong work, and if you like horror, or dark speculative fiction, you owe it to yourself to get a copy. – Dirk Flinthart (

A collection that’s like nothing else out there, brimming with incident and irreverence, both as regards the idea of author as creator and the tropes of genre, absurd and yet deadly serious in some of the things it has to say. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re of an iconoclastic bent the Paul Haines experience might be just what you’re looking for. – Pete Tennant, Black Static #15

Haines tells stories that not only rub you up the wrong way, but skin you. They don’t try and make you think, they burrow into your brain and begin breeding (full review here). – Rachel Holkner, ASiF


New review of ‘The Whisper Jar’ by Carole Lanham

Conrad Zero has reviewed The Whisper Jar, by Carole Lanham.

The Whisper Jar review

Pre-orders can be made now and the e-book will be released 31st October 2011.

The Whisper Jar pre-order

The Whisper Jar – Now available for pre-order!

by Carole Lanhamwhisperjar.jpg

31st OCTOBER 2011

Pre-order now and receive your electronic copy 30th October, as well as getting your early buyer discount!

“I do not know what you have done, but put your mouth right here. Confess your crime to this fruit jar as though it were God’s ear.” ~ from The Whisper Jar

Some secrets are kept in jars — others, in books.

Some are left forgotten in musty rooms — others, created in old barns.

Some are brought about by destiny — others, born in blood.

Secrets — they are the hidden heart of this collection. In these pages, you will encounter a Blood Digger who bonds two children irrevocably together; a young woman who learns of her destiny through the random selection of a Bible verse; and a boy whose life begins to reflect the stories he reads…

“Every now and then, a collection of short stories comes along that not only brings creepiness to new levels, but reaches in a little deeper and leaves something behind. The stories in The Whisper Jar are like that…they stick with you like soft voices in the memory. A great book for a dark and stormy night…”

David Niall Wilson Award-winning author of Deep Blue, This is My Blood, and CEO of Crossroad Press

“Few writers can make love seem so horrible, or horror seem so lovely. The weird scenes Lanham paints for us are poignant and final, with hope strangled – but always in some strangely uplifting way. Perhaps gruesome and memorable are the best words to describe her work.”

Dr. Kim Paffenroth, author of Dying to Live and Gospel of the Living Dead