Morrigan Books signs Robert Hood’s ‘Creeping in Reptile Flesh’ for its e-book series

We at Morrigan Books are truly lucky to work with the talent that we do, and we are extremely excited to announce that we are republishing Robert Hood’s Creeping in Reptile Flesh! This monster collection will have you itching for more classic Hood. Don’t miss out. Grab your copy in July!



A detective, hired by one politician to dig up dirt on another, discovers he knows much more than he suspects…

A seemingly normal pool of water becomes a doorway for monstrous things, horrible things; things hungry for human flesh…

A doctor and his “patient” discover that the location of the soul isn’t in the brain, but in the heart…

This collection by Robert Hood, Australia’s master of the macabre, offers 14 short stories to tantalyze your mind and tempt your appetite. From rotting food to rotting corpses, this collection is vividly thought out madness, with Hood’s mastermind at its core. Leave your lights on for this one — all of them.

“The central theme for Hood is menacing decay, both bodily and environmental, and this focus showcases his ability to move from old-fashioned confessional-style horror, complete with tentacled tropes, to rather wonderful absurdism.” – Talie Helene, Black: Australian Dark Culture


Edited by Kari Wolfe and cover by the wonderful Cat Sparks.


  1. Rotting food?! Can’t wait to read it!!

  2. Out tomorrow!!!

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