Oct 09

Dead Souls line up announced

Dead Souls Book Cover

I can now, with great pleasure, announce the line up of Dead Souls, the next release from Morrigan Books (due out September 2009).

Dead Souls

Elizabeth Barrette Goldenthread
Ramsey Campbell The Dead Must Die
Stephanie Campisi The Ringing Sound of Death on the Water Tank
Tom English Dry Places
Paul Finch June
Catherine J. Gardner When the Cloak Falls
Ken Goldman Mercy Hathaway is a Witch
Robert Holt In the Name
Robert Hood Sandcrawlers
Sharon Irwin Begin with Water
Carole Johnstone The Blind Man
Christopher Johnstone The Unbedreamed
Lisa Kessler Immortal Beloved
Lisa Kessler Subito Piano
Rebecca Lloyd Contaminator
Anna M. Lowther The Price of Peace
Gary McMahon A Shade of Yellow
Bernie Mojzes The Collector
T. A. Moore Licwiglunga
Reece Notley Tatsu
James R. Stratton Your Duty to your Lord
Michael Stone The Migrant
L. J. Hayward Wayang Kulit
Bill Ward When they Come to Murder Me
Kaaron Warren The Blue Stream