Creeping In Reptile Flesh – OUT NOW

Morrigan Books is pleased to announce the arrival of the ebook version of Creeping in Reptile Flesh, by Robert Hood! This anthology is a rare gem, and one that is sharp enough to cut, so keep your distance (maybe by using an e-reader?) and enjoy the perils within!


Creeping in Reptile Flesh

Savage murders that leave no one dead. Politicians intent on ontological genocide. Feral creatures invading the wilds of Sydney and the Scrub. In “Creeping in Reptile Flesh” one man embarks on an investigation into a maverick Member of Parliament whose eccentric exterior may hide the seeds of apocalypse.

This collection of 14 weird tales will take you to the edge of madness and beyond ― and as a special bonus to celebrate this new edition to a classic collection by one of Australia’s foremost dark fantasists, a fifteenth tale will make sure you stay there.

Want the ebook? The Smashwords version is here!!

****Kindle and Amazon print version are to come.

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