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Dead Souls – now available for pre-order!

Before God created light, there was darkness. Even after He illuminated the world, there were shadows — shadows that allowed the darkness to fester and infect the unwary. The tales found within Dead Souls explore the recesses of the soul; those people and creatures that could not escape the shadows. From the inherent cruelness of …

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Two reviews of Morrigan Books’ titles

First up is a review of The Even, over at A Writer Goes on a Journey: The Even and then we have a review of How to Make Monsters at Horrorworld: How To Make Monsters (scroll down for review) Both reviews are positive and while I am not so sure I agree with the charge …

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Voices Review

A review is now up on HorrorScope. “Voices, edited by Mark S. Deniz and Amanda Pillar, consists of a series of stories, with the only connecting thread between them the setting: a hotel room. This shared setting works well, giving the reader the sense that they are wandering through an old, shadowed hotel, getting glimpses …

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Voices review

“Voices” is a nice collection of horror stories that deals more with the supernatural and paranormal aspects of the genre and less or almost not at all with the gory and macabre part. Also the anthology edited by Mark S. Deniz and Amanda Pillar presents new or established authors of the genre and I personally …

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Three Crow Press – The Morrigan Books Ezine

Three Crow Press On the winter solstice, Morrígan Books will celebrate the divide of light and dark by launching its online magazine, Three Crow Press. Three Crow Press is an online magazine specializing in quality speculative fiction, supernatural, fantasy (urban, dark and gothic), horror and steampunk as well as non-fiction pieces and articles. Well written …

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Presenting the Grants Pass cover

The world has ended. It was an act of bio-terrorism gone horribly wrong. A drug resistant version of the Black Death, an airborne mutation of the Ebola virus and the “Super Flu” were let loose on the world. Barely anyone survived. A year before the collapse, Grants Pass, Oregon, USA, was labelled as a place …

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Fantasy Con updates

It has now been confirmed that I will be attending the Fantasy Con in Nottingham, England and Morrigan Books will launch The Even by T. A. Moore and How to Make Monsters by Gary McMahon, Saturday 20th September, 11 am, bar and dealers’ room. Voices will also be available as a pre-launch limited edition before …

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The Monsters are unleashed – How to Make Monsters available for pre-order

How to Make Monsters is available on pre-order today, with delivery during the weekend of Fantasy Con, 19th-21st September.

Voices now available for pre-order!

Please check the Voices page for all relevant details and payment options!

Press release regarding The Age of Blood & Snow

Due to contractual issues, Morrigan Books has been forced to remove The Age of Blood & Snow from its upcoming release calendar. The anthology is to be repackaged, with a release date penned for March 2009. More details will follow as soon as we have them.