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New review of ‘The Whisper Jar’ by Carole Lanham

Conrad Zero has reviewed The Whisper Jar, by Carole Lanham. The Whisper Jar review Pre-orders can be made now and the e-book will be released 31st October 2011. The Whisper Jar pre-order

Dead Souls Review – Part Two: Once Upon A Time

If ‘Dead Souls’ had a strong and enchanting gravity to lure the reader in with Genesis, which was inhabited by ghoulish and true to authenticity myths and old legends, then One Upon a Time will suck you in this quilt of nightmares, sorrows and surprisingly a few happy endings along the way.

Review of The Phantom Queen Awakes

An interesting review of The Phantom Queen Awakes, by someone not really interested in reading Morrigan Books’ releases (apparently we’re too dark)… …The White Heifer of Fearchair by T.A. Moore. It’s one of the few stories that has absolutely nothing to do with war (or so you may think) and is a retelling of an …

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