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Eel River

Morrigan Books is pleased to announce the addition of Shannon Page’s novel, Eel River, to our eBook line.

Eel River

In the early seventies, an idealistic group of hippies goes “back to the land”…never dreaming that the Land itself doesn’t want them there.

Strange things are happening on the commune. Yet the adults, busy experimenting with easy drugs and free love, find plausible explanations for each tragedy. Only the ten-year-old Princess knows what’s really going on. A dark presence has been brought to life on the Land, and it seems that it speaks to her. Can she keep hold of her tenuous influence over the evil being long enough to save herself and her family?

Eel River brings a new face to horror, furthering Morrigan Books’ commitment to offering the best in innovative dark fiction. We think you’re going to love it as much as we do.

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