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Dead Souls

Dead Souls contains twenty-five stories that will only ensure the darkness without enfolds you in its cold embrace … beware … be ready … be damned!


Before God created light, there was darkness. Even after He illuminated the world, there were shadows — shadows that allowed the darkness to fester and infect the unwary. The tales found within Dead Souls explore the recesses of the spirit; those people and creatures that could not escape the shadows. From the inherent cruelness of humanity to malevolent forces, Dead Souls explores the depths of humanity as a lesson to the ignorant, the naive and the unsuspecting. God created light, but it is a temporary grace that will ultimately fail us, for the darkness is stronger and our souls … are truly dead.



Bernie Mojzes – The Collector

T. A. Moore – Licwiglunga

Carole Johnstone – The Blind Man

Tom English – Dry Places

Sharon Irwin – Begin with Water

Robert Holt – In the Name

William Ward – When they Come to Murder Me

Chris Johnstone – The Unbedreamed

Elizabeth Barrette – Goldenthread

Catherine J. Gardner – When the Cloak Falls

Anna M. Lowther – The Price of Peace

James R. Stratton – Your Duty to your Lord

Kenneth C. Goldman – Mercy Hathaway is a Witch

Lisa Kessler – Immortal Beloved

Lisa Kessler – Subito Piano

Michael Stone – The Migrant

Robert Hood – Sandcrawlers

Reece Notley – Tatsu

L. J. Hayward – Wayang Kulit

Rebecca Lloyd – Contaminator

Ramsey Campbell – The Dead Must Die

Stephanie Campisi – The Ringing Sound of Death on the Water Tank

Paul Finch – June

Gary McMahon – A Shade of Yellow

Kaaron Warren – The Blue Stream

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