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Mark S. Deniz

Mark S. Deniz was born in Burnley, Lancashire, England, Friday 13th November 1970, a date he commonly refers to when asked about where his interest in horror began.

However it was six years later, after receiving a collection of Edgar Allan Poe stories that the fascination with the genre truly took off.

Thirty or so years later and Mark still harks back to that kind of horror as inspiration and that kind of style as indicative of how he wants to write, not a fan of the gore type of horror, seen in many books and films today.

He graduated from the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, in 1997, with a degree in English Literature before beginning his travelling days. A brief sojourn in London was followed by subsequent stays in Barcelona, Berkeley, California, Norrköping, Sweden, Istanbul and Copenhagen, before returning to Norrköping to marry his wife, Etina, an Assyrian who moved to Sweden at the age of two.

Mark and Etina have now been married for nine years, and have a four year old son, Maddoc and a two year old daughter, Audrey.

As a writer Mark has taken his time to establish himself, preferring to work on his novels (three of which still require editing before sending to publishers) and it was 2001 when he saw his first work in print: the short story Welcome to the Machine, in the Bernice Summerfield anthology ‘A Life Worth Living’. This was followed up by One of my Turns in the Bernice Summerfield anthology ‘Something Changed’. The third in a trilogy of stories for Big Finish came with Outside the Wall appearing in the anthology ‘Collected Works’.

2007 saw two short stories accepted: the first, Fatal Mistake was included in ‘Flashspec 2′ and’Black Box’ features Teething Troubles.

2007 was also the year that saw Mark move from writer to editor and subsequently publisher when he teamed up with Australian writer Sharyn Lilley to work on the first of a trilogy of horror anthologies In Bad Dreams.

2008 saw the next stage in development for Mark, with creation of his own company Morrígan Books, and the imprint of that, Gilgamesh Press, the latter first set up to honour his brother-in-law Fuat Deniz, who was brutally murdered in December 2007, at the age of 40. As the discussions have grown regarding Gilgamesh Press, so too have the projects, the latest an anthology, containing three novellas, to be written by three award winning women writers: Kaaron Warren, Cat Sparks and Deborah Biancotti.